About Us

The Owner of Hill’s BBQ & Catering, Mike Hill, Jr. of Gainesville, has worked tirelessly over the years to perfect the recipes and seasonings in order to provide an award winning flavor that consistently receives rave reviews. The pride with which Mike constantly works to perfect his business extends well beyond the food all the way to the design and construction of each of his cookers. It is with much pride that our signature “Trains Engine Cookers” and “Pig Cooker” were built by Mike from the ground up, in order to accommodate quantity, even cooking, and clean wood burning, resulting in a perfect BBQ.

We have grown by reputation over the last 25+ years by providing the best quality food cooked fresh onsite exclusively for the customer in order to make each event a complete success, thus our slogan, “Do it right, have us cook on site”. The freshness with which we prepare and provide our food, timed to come straight from the cooker to the buffet line, is comparable to the very best cook to order restaurant service, although we continue to replenish the buffet line with fresh food throughout the duration of the event.

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